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Paramedical Courses

Paramedical services are those services where professionals help the doctors in specialized areas and facilities for better diagnosis, treatmen t and therapy. The increasing demand of skilled para-medical professionals has opened up se veral career opportunities for young aspirants in India as well as abroad. Without param edics, the entire health care industry will come to a standstill and become almost non-function ary.

Students pursuing Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) at + 2 level mainly aim at becoming a doctor. But very few of them give attention to the paramedical field which includes professionals like pharmacists, physiotherapists, n urses, medical laboratory technologist, optometrist, speech therapist, etc. All these profe ssionals support the doctor in treatment of the ever increasing number of patients, afflicted w ith various diseases, making health care easy and effective.

It is a vast field.There are many courses avail able at degree, diploma and certificate level. The Para medical courses will be discussed in detail in 3 parts:

3.Occupational Therapy
4. Prosthetics and Orthotics
5.Speech and Audiology
7. Pharmacy Med Lab tech and miscellaneous c ourses in specialised area.

Personality Development

1.Be confident Yes, that's the key. Being confident about who you are and what you are doing is the most important tip for personality development. Never doubt your capabilities and if there is something you need to work upon then put in all the effort so you can come over your fears and gain confidence. Read success stories or surround yourself with motivational thoughts or encouragements' which can boost up your self esteem and help you in attaining a charming personality. Just everything you do, have faith in yourself and put in your hard work. There can be nothing more appealing in your personality than an incredible confidence.

2.Be yourself Though one can always look up to other people to take an inspiration from, but you should still remain your own unique self. Each one of us is different, we have our own sets of skills and flaws and trying to be somebody else gets you nowhere and just simply backfires. Trying too hard to fit in a new group or wanting to belong should never take your authenticity and singularity away. Never try moulding into another person but instead work on being the best version of yourself.

3.Check your attire I am not abruptly beginning to emphasize about your exterior self instead of your skills and abilities but one's attire has an important role to play while making a desirable impression. And not just that, but it also gives yourself a confidence boost knowing that you look good and are dressed appropriately. Dress up in a decent manner and keeping your surroundings in mind. While flashy colours and too much body tattoos or piercings convey an unprofessional attitude, neatly ironed clothes make you look presentable

4. Work on your Body Language Body language is just as important for your personality as your verbal communication skills. It tells a lot about yourself and helps people in making accurate conjectures about you. Everything including the way you walk, sit, talk or eat leaves an impact over the people around you and having a correct body language can do wonders for your personality. Walk in an upright position with shoulders straight. Do not droop. Sit in a relaxed posture and make always eye contact while speaking.

5. Be courteous Being courteous is never out of fashion and is well appreciated and respected by everyone. Be humble and greet everyone with a smile. Never shy away from helping or supporting your peers and being available to them whenever they need you. Doing random acts of kindness will not just make somebody else's day but it will also make you come along as a pleasing person. Also it will give your personality a confidence boost. Be humble and down to earth to your juniors and seniors alike.

6. Be a little fun Oh yes, this is necessary! Being able to find a humorous side in otherwise terrible situations and bringing a little quirkiness of your own is appreciated by one and all. Everybody loves a person who can make them laugh and bring a funny perspective to the regular things of life. One does not need to be all serious and sober all the time but adorning your funny hat (not literally) every once in a while will turn you in to a more charming personality.

7. Be a good listener "Most people do not listen with the intent to understand. they listen with the intent to reply." True it is. Being a good listener may not seem like but it is an important step towards achieving a more likeable personality. When somebody talks to you, listen with interest and give them all the attention and importance. Maintain a direct eye contact and do not get distracted by the surroundings. It will help you in knowing a better deal about people and attending them in a better way.

8. Know yourself Obviously before you get on developing something you need to know all about it first. The same goes with your personality. One needs to start with taking a good look at themselves, analyzing their traits, the strengths and weaknesses and everything that needs to be worked upon. Don't shy away from accepting your flaws and learn about yourself as much as you can.

SELENIUM is a bright suite of tools, such as WebDriver with rich set of API. It can simulate user actions on a web application and generate user friendly reports with result. Amazing fact is that it supports multiple languages such as JAVA, C#, PHP etc., so engineers can write automation test script using any one of them. What we offer in Training: We start from scratch and achieve expert level step by step in a very practical manner. Training tree is divided in two branches as shown below. Candidate will be trained on both Technical and Conceptual areas of Automation.

Networking Courses

1.This course introduces students to the networking field. Topics include network terminology and protocols, local-area networks, wide-area networks, OSI model, cabling, router programming, Ethernet, IP addressing, and network standards. Upon completion, students should be able to perform tasks related to networking mathematics, terminology, and models, media, Ethernet, subnetting, and TCP/IP Protocols

2,This course introduces the networking field. Emphasis is on network terminology and protocols, local-area networks, wide-area networks, OSI model, cabling, router programming, Ethernet, IP addressing, and network standards. Upon completion, students should be able to perform tasks related to networking mathematics, terminology, and models, media, Ethernet, subnetting, and TCP/IP Protocols

3.This course focuses on initial router configuration, router software management, routing protocol configuration, TCP/IP, and access control lists (ACLs). Emphasis will be on the fundamentals of router configuration, managing router software, routing protocol, and access lists. Upon completion, students should have an understanding of routers and their role in WANs, router configuration, routing protocols, TCP/IP, troubleshooting, and ACLs.

4.This course focuses on advanced IP addressing techniques, intermediate routing protocols, command-line interface configuration of switches, Ethernet switching, VLANs, STP, and VTP. Emphasis will be on application and demonstration of skills acquired in pre-requisite courses. Upon completion, students should be able to perform tasks related to VLSM, routing protocols, switching concepts and configuration, STP, VLANs, and VTP.

5.This course introduces WAN theory and design, WAN technology, PPP, Frame Relay, ISDN, and additional case studies. Topics include network congestion problems, TCP/IP transport and network layer protocols, advanced routing and switching configuration, ISDN protocols, PPP encapsulation operations on a router. Upon completion, students should be able to provide solutions for network routing problems, identify ISDN protocols, and describe the Spanning Tree protocol.

6. This course covers issues relating to the development and implementation of Internet related tools and services. Topics include Internet organization, site registration, e-mail servers, Web servers, Web page development, legal issues, firewalls, multimedia, TCP/IP, service providers, FTP, list servers, and gateways. Upon completion, students should be able to develop and support the Internet services needed within an organization.

7. This course provides an opportunity to complete a significant networking project from the design phase through implementation with minimal instructor support. Emphasis is on project definition, documentation, installation, testing, presentation, and training. Upon completion, students should be able to complete a project from the definition phase through implementation.

Hardware and Networking Courses

Hardware and Networking is a vast field in India. It is refers to the process of supplying data and information by linking the group of networks using hardware´┐Żs such as switches, hubs, gateways, access points, network interface cards, networking cables. To be more specific, hardware networking includes all peripherals, computers, interface cards and other tools required for communications and data processing in the network.

Computer hardware professionals take care of the maintenance of computer hardware, while networking involves connecting a group of 2 or more computer systems for sharing data and information. The professionals engaged in R&D of computer hardware and networks are known as hardware and networking engineers. Besides looking after computer maintenance they are also liable for supervising and designing the hardware installation and manufacturing process. The increasing use of computer, laptops and internets has expanded the scope of hardware and networking sector widely.

Courses in Hardware Networking:

In hardware and networking there are a huge number of courses available in India. The courses offered at different levels are - certification, international certification, diploma in hardware & networking and degree courses. The course duration will vary as per the level of the course. The goal of the hardware courses is to offer practical knowledge about the hardware and networking domain so that the students are capable enough to handle real time situations.

The top courses in hardware and networking field such as Linux, Cisco certification, MCSE, UNIX admin, CNE, red hat, JCHNE, MNA, ICHNP, ACHNP, Novell, N+, security courses. There are various institutes in India that offer hardware and networking courses either as specialization or as a part of regular full time programs. Some of the institutes are Jetking, IIHT, Infoland, CSC, Cognex, Avera Academy, Hi Tech, Onix academy, KCLBC.

Scope of hardware and networking courses

The recent surveys reveal that the hardware and electronics sector is expected to expand above $60billion in India. The wide recognition of software industry in India dominates the hardware sector. But the situation is likely to change in the near future. The number of hardware and networking jobs is expected to grow extensively in India. Presently, the hardware job market is saturated. There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of hardware pass outs. For this reason students are opting to start their ventures for assembling and hardware maintenance.ld be able to complete a project from the definition phase through implementation.

PGDip in Health Research

The Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Health Research is designed for medical and dental trainees with the potential to be the independent researchers of the future, and to be taken part-time alongside work commitments, normally over one to three years.

The Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Health Research will help you to:

1.develop skills of research, design and data analysis in both qualitative and quantitative research;
critically evaluate health research;

2.critically evaluate health research;

3.identify, critically appraise and incorporate the results of medical and social science research into the day-to-day decision making of clinical,
scientific and administrative practice;

4.apply the principles of evidence-based practice in health care settings; plan how to implement the findings of research to improve health care;
and use theories and principles underpinning clinical research to
inform their own research practice.

Social Media Marketing Courses

Social media refers to a group of online channels where communities exist to share content such as ideas, information, entertainment, and even life's moments.
These channels may focus on personal, professional, or business networking. You can follow,
friend, link, share, promote, join, discuss, tweet, retweet, favorite, and more. Social media is all in the name of interactive communication.

Social media exists because of Web 2.0, a development in the internet that allowed us to begin interacting easier.
Users and developers started using the internet differently, and social media was the beginning of these changes.
There are several types of social media, including wikis, bookmarks, and networking. We will focus on networking channels, which include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest



Overview of Digital Marketing Flashcards

Digital Marketing Strategies Flashcards

Creating Digital Marketing Campaigns Flashcards

Business 309: Digital Marketing & Advertising

The Tactical Communication Mix in Digital Marketing

COURSE DURATION :6-8 months expected to sturdy minimum of fourteen hours a week

Multimedia Course

AAFT School of Animation trains creative minds passionate about working in the animation industry to become leaders in their respective fields. Our 3D animation courses and game design courses are just what can get you a successful career in gaming and entertainment industry.

As the leading provider of animation courses in India, AAFT provides diploma in multimedia and animation and degree programs in animation that build confidence to work in animation studios, television channels, gaming companies, film production companies, and advertising agencies.

hoose from a range of diploma and degree programs in animation with specializations in 3D animation and VFX and make a successful step towards your dream career. Have a look at our basic animation course and multimedia courses to get started.

Software Devlopment Courses

Students who are beginning studies in technology need a strong foundation in the basics before moving on to more advanced technology courses and certification programs. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is an innovative certification track designed to provide a pathway for future success in technology courses and careers.

The MTA program curriculum helps teach and validate fundamental technology concepts. This text covers fundamental skills in such areas as Programming and an understanding of general software development, web,desktop, and database applications.